Hai, I am Skye. I'm a 18 year old college student that is studying IT. I am mainly known as a gamer, and also a bit of a geek. I mainly play video games, from competitive shooters such as CS:GO and Pavlov, to energetic games such as Beat Saber, to the calming classics such as Minecraft and Cities: Skylines. I also find it very enjoyable to mod games with my own custom content, and have produced a wide range of mods for one of my favourite games, Factorio. However, my weirdest interests are seen by my love addiction to Doctor Who (specifically Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant), and Trains. I know way too much about these subjects, to the point of reciting scripts word for word.
A Collection of my NIMBY Rails mods & saves. Nothing more, nothing less. For now 😉
Railway Operation Simulator
A Collection of my Railway Operation Simulator routes. Nothing more, nothing less. For now 😉
Powered by forge, on the latest, highly supported Minecraft version (1.16), consistently updated with the latest user requests and suggestions, and optimised aggressively for best performance, MissCraftTrap is the best Minecraft server for you.
To join the server, you will need to install the modpack onto your computer. Three seperate methods are offered, the quickest, Technic Method (download straight from the Technic Launcher), the Twitch method, and the more indepth MultiMC/launcher method. Whatever one you pick, you will need to install the modpack first, then simply go to the Multiplayer tab where the server will already be to join!
Assignment 2
I decided to put the game I made for Assignment 2 of my IT course that I am doing. It's intended for kids, not very good, but damn did I spend most the time just making the menus and transitions. The game itself only took like a day to make.
If you want to edit it for whatever reason ive provided the Construct 3 editor file, but it is a mess since I didn't realise it supproted both Javascript and functions until I was almost done.
Factorio Modding
I have been creating some weird and wonderful mods for factorio latley. Some are absolute memes, like Factorio XP, which changes all the core sounds and the music to that of windows XP, but there are some actually useful mods in there, such as Void Miners, which allows you to play and beat the game with no resources or trees of any kind.
While the mods are all hosted on the mod portal I am hosting them here as well to provide an alternative download, in case the mod portal goes down for a bit, and to also act as a place to download the mods without having to have a Factorio account to do it. Also if there are any files that arn't/can't be uploaded to the mod portal (such as source code) they will also be kept here.
Contact Me
Ok, for some extremley strange reason you want to contact me. No problem!
For most matters, I would appreciate you contacting me via email, as it is far easier to manage everything that way. However, if you do need instant/urgent contact me, you can use alternative methods.