We have tried to make MissCraftTrap as simple, quick and customisable to install. Because of this, we have provided three methods of installation, the Technic Launcher, the Twitch Desktop App and the MultiMC/Launcher method. The Technic method is the easiest - simply search for MissCraftTrap Official Pack and install the modpack. With the Twitch method, you will be required to have the Twitch desktop app installed and import the pack from there. If you do not have/want to get the Technic Launcher or Twitch Desktop App, or would prefer to install it somewhere else (e.g. to the MultiMC/Minecraft launcher), you can use the MultiMC/Launcher method which provides full customisability, at a greater installion complexity.
To start, you will first need to download the modpack. Once downloaded, click on the button corresonding to which installation method you are using.
1) If you do not have the Technic Launcher installed, download it from here and log into your Minecraft account.
2) On the top left click on Add Pack or Search and type in MissCraftTrap Official Pack.
3) Click on it, then a new screen should appear, at the bottom left, there should be an install button. Click it.
4) A progress bar should appear at the bottom. Wait for it to finish.
5) Go to the top left of the screen and click on Launcher Options. On the new screen, go to the JAVA SETTINGS section.
6) Next to Memory click on the current number, and select a higher option. The minimum needed is 6 GB but allocating more will help and allow higher quality textures.
7) Now, in the bottom right, where the Install button was, there should be a Play button. Click it and Minecraft will load and you can play!
Curse Forge
1) Download and extract the latest .zip file from the website here. It should have TWITCH or CURSE in the name. If it doesn't, you have downloaded the wrong file.
2) Open the Curse Forge desktop app, then at the top, click on Mods. A list should appear for all the moddable games tied to your Twitch account, including Minecraft. Click on the image, the select Install. If you would like to change the installation location of Minecraft, click on advanced.
3) Once it has finished, you should be greeted with a new screen. On it, there should be a few options, of which you want to click on Create custom profile. In here, you want to click on import, then select the .zip file that was extracted from the .zip file you downloaded (lots of .zips, I know).
4) After a few moments, a new section (called a profile) should appear underneath the options you looked through earlier, and it will be downloading and installing the whole modpack. Sit back and relax, maybe even get a nice cup of coffe while your waiting, as it may take ahwile.
5) Once finished, a play button should appear on the profile. Click it, and you will load into the Minecraft launcher, where you can play!
Manual / MultiMC
If you want to install the modpack to the default Minecraft directory (.minecraft) please make sure that you do not have any mods already inside. If you do, please make sure that all folders related to mods are deleted first. If you are not sure what needs deleting, I recommend deleting all folders inside, excluding the versions and saves folder. This will make sure any remenants of mods are gone while ensuring no worlds are deleted.
1) Download and extract the latest .zip file from the website here. It should have MANUAL in the name. If it doesn't, you have downloaded the wrong file.
2) If you want to install to the default minecraft location, open the start menu, and type %appdata%. A folder should appear called roaming, click on it. Once it appears, open the .minecraft directory. If you would like to use MultiMC or use a custom directory, you will need to open the folder you would like to put the mods and other folders in.
3) Also open the folder that was in the .zip file you downloaded called COPY THESE FILES INTO YOUR MINECRAFT DIRECTORY and copy all the files inside the folder into the Minecraft directory you previously opened. If it asks you to overwrite any files, please press yes.
4) And you are done, click play to play!